Independent wall system installed

Acoustic insulation and resilient bars

Sound block plasterboard attached

Wall plastered and all finished

Soundproof Systems is a Brighton based sound proofing company, with many years experience

We offer
- Sound proofing of walls
- Sound proofing of ceilings
- Sound proofing of floors

There are a number of different systems we install, which are designed to meet Part E of the building regs. Please see the following link for more info on Part E

The sound proofing systems we install are from leading suppliers like British Gypsum and Speed Line Drywall and are designed to increase the accoustic performance of existing walls, floors and ceilings.

The two main noise problems our systems are designed to deal with are, Impact - foot-fall, banging, falling objects etc. Airbourne - Talking, shouting, music, TV etc.

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